Emergency Management

Lee Brannon

Emergency Manager


Emergency Operations Center
414 S. Pinckney Street
Union, SC 29379





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The Emergency Services Director serves as the county’s coordinating officer in the event of a natural disaster. In such an event, the coordinator is empowered and required to coordinate and render assistance to the city and county officials in the development of plans for the use of all facilities, equipment, manpower, and other resources of the city and county in order to minimize and prevent damage to residents and property as a result of a natural disaster or from spills of hazardous materials.

Disaster Supply Kit
Union County, SC Hazard Mitigation

Union County is updating its Hazard Mitigation Plan, and we want input from YOU! We have developed a public survey that provides background on what hazard mitigation is and asks participants to take an active role in the process. The survey includes ranking top hazards for your community, answering survey questions about past experiences with hazard events, and identifying areas of concern on a map.

The survey will be available to residents of Union County from July 27th through August 18th at the following link: Union County, SC Hazard Mitigation (metroquestsurvey.com)

Thank you for doing your part to help Union County in its update of the Hazard Mitigation Plan!