Union County Court House Security

  • There is one entrance on North Herndon Street, in which the public can access the courthouse
  • All persons and their property will be searched proper to entry or re-entry into the courthouse
  • All persons entering the courthouse will be required to proceed through a metal detector to ensure they are not carrying any weapons or contraband on their person that can be perceived as a weapon
  • Backpacks are not allowed
  • If you opt to bring your purse inside the Court House, it must be emptied and thoroughly searched. Officers will not place their hands inside your purse or touch your personal items. You will be instructed to remove all items and open your purse so that security can visually inspect all compartments inside and out
  • Briefcases, boxes, handbags, satchels and bags (any hand carried item that may be used to cancel contraband) will be searched. No one is exempt from this process. (On duty Law Enforcement Officers are excluded
The following list includes items that are considered contraband and are NOT allowed in the Court House:

No weapons of any kind including but not limited to:

  • Knives, pocket, sheath, box cutter, work knives, walking canes with blades inside, etc.
  • Firearms of any kind (actual or toy)
  • Pepper spray, mace, any defensive spray, wasp spray or aerosol spray (ex: hair spray can be used as a torch with an open flame)
  • Slap jack, brass knuckles, straight baton, ASP Baton, any hand held item that can be used as an item
  • Stun guns, tasers, any electrical shock device (Ex: fake cell phones, pagers, etc. (Stun devices and one-shot firearm))
  • Illegal drugs are prohibited
  • Needles of any kind (hypodermic, knitting, sewing, etc.) metal finger file with pointed-sharp tip
  • Any instrument that can be used as a weapon

Melanie Lawson

Clerk of Court

Melanie Lawson


Office: (864) 429-1630

Fax: (864) 429-1715

Office is located at:

210 West Main Street

Union, SC 29379

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 703

Union, SC 29379


General Sessions Court

Amy Gibson

Senior Deputy Clerk

Ext: 3624

Lawayne Anderson

Deputy Clerk

Ext: 3623

Tamatha Rochester 


Ext: 3672

Common Pleas Court

Chasity Rhinehart


Ext: 3621

Stephanie Chambers



Register of Deeds

Madison Williams


Ext: 3620

Emma Gregory 


Ext: 3622

Family Court/Child Support

Sherrie Sumner

Family Court Deputy Clerk

Ext: 4701

Megan Lancaster

Family Court Clerk

Ext: 4704

Gregg Maness

Child Support Clerk

Ext: 4705

Donna West

Child Support Clerk

Ext. 4703


Child Support clients can now use the Client Portal to check status of their cases by going to:

** We will not be able to discuss case file information with you unless you are a party to the action

** For child support/alimony printouts you must mail a self-addressed stamped envelope or come by the office