Office: (864) 429-1648

Fax: (864) 429-1685

Office is located at:

210 West Main Street

Union, SC 29379

The mission of the Magistrate Court is to provide the citizens of Union County with a fair and impartial Summary Court. The two full time and three part-time magistrates perform the following:
  • Issue criminal arrest and search warrants
  • Conduct bail bond hearings two times daily to determine how a defendant should be released from detention
  • Conduct preliminary hearings for General Sessions level cases
  • Conduct criminal hearings to include such offenses such as Criminal Domestic Violence, Malicious Injury to Personal Property, Trespassing, County Ordinance Violations, etc.
  • Conduct traffic hearings to include Driving Under the Influence, Driving Under Suspension, etc.
  • Conduct civil hearings including landlord/tenant hearings, summons and complaint cases (to claim disputed funds), claim and delivery cases (to reclaim property), and public sales of abandoned vehicles
  • A magistrate may impost a fine with court assessments of up to $5242.50 and/or a penalty of up to a 180 day sentence. The civil jurisdiction is $7500.00

Chief Magistrate

The Honorable David Kevin Morrow


The Honorable Robert Hope

Bond Court Judge (Part-time)

The Honorable Toney Lein Farr, Sr.

Bond Court Judge (Part-time)

The Honorable Harold Whitney Smith

Bond Court Judge (Part-time)

The Honorable Frank Hart

Deputy/Criminal Clerk

Carrie Smith

Civil Clerk

Lacy Shropshire

Magistrate's Constable

Larry E. Yarbrough

Magistrate's Constable

Mike Nance

Informational Brochures and Forms
Mandatory Schedule of Fees To Be Collected in Magistrate's Court

Claim and Delivery $65.00

Pick-up Order $20.00

Summons and Complaint $80.00

Rule to Vacate (Eviction) $40.00

Writ of Ejection (2nd Paper) $10.00

Magistrate's Sale $35.00

Restraining Order $55.00

(Paid by non-prevailing party, can be waived by the Judge)

Subpoena for Witnesses $8.00