Crime Prevention

Burglary Tips:

1. Always lock your doors and windows. This includes your garage door.

2. Keep your trees and shrubs trimmed. Don't let them block your view.

3. If possible, install and maintain an alarm system.

4. Have good exterior lighting.

5. Outside lighting is an excellent deterrent.

6. Get to know your neighbors.

7. Never keep an ID tag on your keys.

8. Keep a record of model and serial numbers for your valuables.

9. Have the UCSO provide a Free Security analysis for your home or business.

10. Start a community watch program. (Available for Business, Apartment and Residential communities.)

Contact Investigator Wendy Childers for assistance with Security Analysis and Community Watch,

Taking ownership of your community, whether it is business or residential, will build a stronger relationship both with your neighbors and the Union County Sheriff's Office.

Businesses are affected with profit loss and a breach in the store's security which increases prices. Residents are affected from a loss of personal belongings and a breach in home security, which costs money, but more importantly it costs them a good night's sleep for fear of future intrusion. Establishing Business or Neighborhood Community Watch Programs will help build this bond. Actions such as simply reporting suspicious activity will help too. You can call the Union County Sheriff's Office at (864) 429-1612 or CrimeStoppers at 1-888-CRIME-SC.

Community Watch

Investigators Scott Coffer and Wendy Childers studied Crime Prevention and Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) at the City of Columbia Police Department. They took pertinent information from both courses and with a basic understanding of the theories of crime, developed a community watch program. The program is designed to be started and followed through by members of the community, with the assistance of the Union County Sheriff's Office.

If members of a community would like to start a community watch program, please contact Scott Coffer, or Wendy Childers, at